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Project Kodaikanal, India

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100% of all donations made towards this campaign will be used directly in support of Project Kodaikanal, India.

FIMRC’s rural clinic is situated in the outskirts of Kodaikanal serving people from impoverished communities. Because of the growing needs for medical care we subsidize the cost of medicine to patients who can only afford to pay part of the cost. Patients are not charged for supplies used within the clinic, but they do add an extra costs. Supplies like, syringes, gauze, cotton rolls, bandage rolls, blood sugar testing strips are frequently used at the clinic, and we’d like to continue providing these supplies free of charge for our patients.

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FIMRC VCU Chapterdonated $270.16 - 12 months ago
The funds we received from our first charity talent night on 2/22/19. The money was raised for this project

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