Mama Bridges

Project Bududa, Uganda

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100% of all donations made towards this campaign will be used directly in support of Project Bududa, Uganda.

Per Bridge: $100

One-third of all births in the Bududa District occur at home, leading to elevated levels of mother and child mortality. One contributing factor is the difficulty of traveling to a medical facility during the night over streams and ravines. The goal of the Mama Bridge Project is to make this journey easier and safer for mothers in labor. Mama Bridges will be constructed from locally sourced timber and community labor.

Additional benefits of the bridges will include making the journey to school easier for children, make passage over streams safer for the elderly, and allow potential patients to receive treatment at the FIMRC clinic in a timely manner. Bududa District is a place with very difficult terrain. Therefore, we have an almost unlimited opportunity to construct these life saving structures for mothers, children, and the elderly.

Updates and Comments

FIMRC UBCdonated $300.00 - 2 years ago
FIMRC UBC held a Fundraising Gala in order to raise $300.00 for this amazing project!
FIMRC at Virginia Techdonated $500.00 - 2 years ago
FIMRC at Virginia Tech held two fundraising events, a grilled cheese sale and a percentage night with Chipotle to raise $500 for this cause!
Walter Keasler, Jr.donated $100.00 - 2 years ago
This donation is in memory of Chris Keasler, brother of Ben Dierksmeier, Project Bududa Field Operations Manager. Chris, my nephew, will be remembered.
Chris Keaslerdonated $100.00 - 2 years ago
This donation is in memory of Chris Keasler who is the brother of the Project Bududa Field Operations Manager, Ben Dierksmeier. Chris died on 1 October 2016 due to complications from Bile Duct Cancer.

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