Health Promoters' First Aid Kits

Project Restauración, Dominican Republic

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Restocking First Aid Kits: $100
New Health Promoter Kits: $125

Our health promoter program serves to train and support local volunteers living within rural communities in basic first aid. The health promoters go through training with our local staff and receive a training manual. They then must pass a skills-based evaluation before being restocked. Health promoters also coordinate with FIMRC in other activities such as mobile clinics, and will also begin to play a role in preventive health initiatives including our health agents program for youth volunteers.

We have 13 active health promoters currently and restock according to their needs approximately every two months. We plan to train an additional twelve health promoters in the next year in basic first aid. This project funds the purchase of supplies for current and future health promoters. Chapters may also opt to source the kits themselves according to the program’s stocking list.

Restocking First Aid Kits- $100
New Health Promoter Kits- $125

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