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Project Anconcito, Ecuador

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100% of all donations made towards this campaign will be used directly in support of Project Anconcito, Ecuador.

In 2017, Project Anconcito staff began recruiting and training youth to start a FIMRC basketball team. As a new project site, it was a great way to get the FIMRC name out into the community and get involved in local events. In September 2017, the team won the Anconcito Basketball Championship as first time participants! Despite being younger and less experienced than all the other teams, these youth proved that with practice, determination, and a healthy lifestyle you can achieve your dreams!

These players not only shine on the court, but they are also involved as FIMRC local volunteers, and they receive monthly health education sessions as a part of being on the team. This is a healthy way for youth to spend their free time and helps to build a sense of community, teamwork, and sportsmanship. We would love to support our FIMRC basketball team again for the 2019-2020 local league season.

Costs for the project include sign-up fees for the league, referee payments, and uniforms for new players.

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