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Project Anconcito, Ecuador

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100% of all donations made towards this campaign will be used directly in support of Project Anconcito, Ecuador.

Through a regular health survey conducted by FIMRC Volunteers, the community has identified diabetes as one of the greatest health problems in Anconcito. The goal of this diabetes support group is to give diabetics in the community the tools and support to manage their diabetes and live healthy lives. The club focuses on education around medication, diet, and exercise, and how these different pieces can help to lower blood sugar. Participants also fill out a diabetic diary, where they list daily medications, meals, exercise, and symptoms. At the weekly meetings, led by our staff nutritionist, participants’ blood glucose levels and blood pressure are recorded, and they are given a lesson related to diabetes management.

Very few people in Anconcito own a personal glucometer, so patients don’t have many opportunities to check on their progress, or see how their symptoms relate to their blood sugar levels. The diabetes group is a positive and supportive space for people to share their progress and encourage each other forward. It has been so widely valued by the community that standard weekly committed participation rose from 5 active participants to 35 within 6 months.

The funds raised for this project will be used to ensure a constant supply of glucometer strips, and to send participants in need of further lab testing to receive A1C tests.

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