Clean Water Initiative

Project Limón, Nicaragua

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100% of all donations made towards this campaign will be used directly in support of Project Limón, Nicaragua.

Project Limon is situated in the rural community of Las Salinas de Nagualapa where access to clean water is limited. 63% of the population consumes non-purified water leading to increased amounts of water-borne diseases seen through FIMRC’s Pediatric Health Program all of which can be prevented simply by providing access to clean water. With a $40 donation a water filter can be purchased and given to a family providing access to clean water. As part of the donation, water safety education is given as well to reinforce the importance of clean water.

Updates and Comments

Monisha Narayanan (for UGA FIMRC)donated $392.00 - 2 years ago
Please find the current amount we have raised for the Clean Water Initiative. We appreciate all of your efforts in coordinating this fundraiser and apologize for the delay. We hope to receive the remaining funds from our fundraiser with Zombie Donuts, which should help exceed our pledge goal, in the coming months.

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